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What We Do

Stability and Integrity

Congratulations on taking a step towards growing your business! 

Because you have things to do, let us take care of finding an investor for you!

We'll utilize our database of over thirty five thousand investors and with our relationships,we'll find the perfect investor for your businesses! 

Finding the Right Investment

Finding the right investor can be like trying to find a port in a storm! There are so many options, but none seem accessible. 

With our experience, we'll help you navigate these waters! The perfect fit is possible, and with our database of over 35,000 investors, we welcome the opportunity to climb aboard and help you meet your goals.

Recipe for Success

With such a diverse investor database, you can be rest assured that your financial goals will be met. Your ideal investor is just waiting to find you - and vice versa.

Partnering with SGC in the pursuit of the perfect investor is sage advice. We'll focus on what we do best so you can focus on what you do best!

The Funding Process

Let's get the ball rolling!

To get the interest of an investor, create a "teaser", this will also act as your executive summary. Keep it short, a 5 minute read. 

This will be the first thing we send to our investors. Make sure you capture their attention! 

The to do's;

1. When was your company founded?

2. It must be clear in what your business does. 

3. State the amount you're looking for and what you'll be doing with the capital.

3. List your present clientele status, revenue, market size etc.

4. Why should an investor invest in your company? 

5. Briefly describe your companies strengths. 

6. Stick to facts only!

7. What are you willing to give away. 

This seems like a lot of information to pack in a short teaser, but keep in mind, if it's too long the investor will most likely loose interest. 

The what not to do's:

1. Don't use a lot of technical jargon. Pretend you're pitching it to a 5th grader.

2. If it's not important, leave it out.

3. Leave out valuation expectations. Save that for your Business plan. 

Moving forward

Once the investor receives your teaser, they will then want to look at your numbers. This is where a Pro Forma will come in handy. Have a very plain spreadsheet available. 

If you're numbers don't look good, give a brief explanation of how an investment will help the bottom line.

 The next step is a phone conversation where they will ask you for your business plan. 

At this point, an investment looks good. The investor will start to do their due diligence.  

What if you don't have any of this?

Not to worry! Our consulting services will take care of this for you!

We'll be working closely with you to understand your business. Since we know what our investors look for, we will sculpt your business plan in a way to get maximum exposure.  


Making a profit is your bottom line! Too often we can get stuck in the same rut for years.

You want to grow, but don't have the time or energy to figure out how to take your business to the next level. 

Let SGC help you get to that next level. 

We know how people work and why they buy. We've made it our job to understand the psychology of buyers. Let our knowledge work for you!

Apart of our consulting services is a feasibility study. 

  • Market feasibility
  • competition
  • Site analysis
  • supply and demand
  • capacity utilization 
  • financial analysis. 

This study is done on pure facts, not abstract theory or speculation. 

Trough this process, you'll understand more about your business and contributing to your bottom line!  

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