• Invest Into What Matters Most

    A fully integrative, interactive, complete, and comprehensive way of educating and training during the childbearing years. 

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  • In a Sea of Resumes

    How do you stand out in a sea of resumes? Digume digital resume system!

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Create rewards for your backers; they will receive different rewards that you allocate based on the amount they give.

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Get backed for your project; As you receive financial backing, you'll be able to reach your projects goals.

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SGC works with major credit card processing companies to ensure the most competitive and economical rates possible - accepting all major credit cards. 

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SGC offers customer support across multiple channels for real time business support - email, phone, social media, and skype are only a few of the ways that SGC remains accessible to our customers.

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We live in a mobile world. Our website, and your project, is accessible both online and on the go.                                            

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Do you know what you want but aren't sure how to get there? Our consulting partners are here for you. Remote consulting for your small business or start up is available as separate packages for your project's needs. 

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Our project design pages allow for you to create as static or dynamic a project plan as your dreams and ambitions permit! 

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We have a database of over 35,000 investors. If you are interested in taking your project to the next level, we can present your project to our investors depending on their investment objectives.